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Call for applications for 1-2 PhD students in Economic History: The Department of Economy and Society at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg announces 1-2 positions as PhD student located at unit of Economic History.


University of Gothenburg, Sweden, Department of Economy and Society


The department conducts education and research within three different subject areas; Economic History, Human Geography, and Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Asset. The different subjects within the department create possibilities to carry out interdisciplinary education and research.

The Unit for Economic History conducts research and education within the field which includes studies economic and social development in a long-run perspective. The studies concern current topics relating to globalisation, the environment, migration and gender from the perspective of economic history. Classical issues relating to economic growth and distribution are also studied. The unit offers doctoral education as well as single-subject courses on Bachelor´s and Master´s level which gives the possibility to complete a Bachelor´s and Master´s degree. Several of the courses are included in educational programmes at the University of Gothenburg. For further information please click here.

Job assignments

The PhD student is expected to complete a PhD education in economic history during the period of employment. The main component of this education is to write a doctoral dissertation. Other tasks, including teaching and administrative duties, might be necessary to some extent, and will then render an extension of the PhD education to an equivalent degree.


Deadline: October 31, 2019.

Applicants will be assessed based on the general and specific eligibility requirements and their estimated ability to benefit from the study programme. At the assessment, particular weight is given to documented qualifications from courses completed and theses written. Importance is given to recommendations from previous teachers or other persons with an insight into the qualifications of the applicant.


Entry requirements for third-cycle (doctoral) programmes require both general and specific eligibility.
The general entry requirements for third-cycle (doctoral) programmes are:

  1. academic degree at an advanced (Master’s) level, or
  2. attainment of at least 240 higher education (HE) credits for courses, of which at least 60 HE credits are awarded in the second cycle, or
  3. equivalent training either in Sweden or abroad.

In addition, admission to the third-cycle programme in economic history at the University of Gothenburg also requires:

1. attainment of 90 higher education credits for courses in economic history at any level, or
2. attainment of at least 30 higher education credits for courses in economic history at an advanced (second-cycle) level, or
3. achievement of equivalent training either in Sweden or abroad.

Qualified is the person who masters English in speech and writing. Applicants not fluent in Swedish are expected to learn Swedish during the employment period.

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