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PhD Scholarship on the topic of educational effectiveness and quality at the KU University (BE)


KU Leuven (BE) – Centre of Educational Effectiveness and Evaluation (CE&E)

The Centre of Educational Effectiveness and Evaluation (CE&E) is a research group of KU Leuven. CE&E conducts research within the fields of ‘educational measurement’ and ‘educational effectiveness and quality’. Educational effectiveness and quality research focuses on the effects of schools, teachers and classes on school achievement and on non-cognitive characteristics of students. Emphasis is put on the identification and improvement of teacher level and school level process characteristics in order to optimize the functioning of teachers, schools and educational systems. The centre has a history of conducting (inter)national assessments and longitudinal educational effectiveness studies. The staff of CE&E consists of about 60 people (tenured staff, PhD students, teaching staff, researchers, free research associates, secretarial staff, …).


The present PhD project fits within an ongoing research line on differential effectiveness. The different studies of this project emphasize the relationship between generic instructional factors and differences in learning gain in reading comprehension between low-risk and high-risk students. More specifically, the project investigates the impact of the teacher characteristics of the dynamic model of educational effectiveness (e.g., orientation, structuring, questioning, teaching-modelling, time management, …) on the quality of reading strategy instruction and students’ learning gain in reading achievement. Further, emphasis is put on the development and evaluation of the effectiveness of a professional development program focusing on the improvement of these teacher characteristics within the context of reading strategy instruction. For this purpose, the different studies of the project will fit longitudinal and randomized controlled trial research designs.


Deadline: 21 September 2020. Candidates should submit their CV and application letter. Based on the evaluation of these documents, candidates are selected for an interview. Candidates that are selected for an interview will be informed, no later than September 23, 2020. The invitation for the interview will include a preparatory assignment which will need to be presented during the interview.

You can apply for this job no later than September 21, 2020 via the online application tool .
KU Leuven seeks to foster an environment where all talents can flourish, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, nationality or impairments. If you have any questions relating to accessibility or support, please contact us at

Conditions of employment

We offer a flexible research environment. You will be part of an enthusiastic team that stimulates you to become a competent and experienced researcher.You are collaborating with other (inter)national researchers and experts within the research field of educational effectiveness.
Initially, we offer a one year full-time appointment as a PhD researcher. After a positive evaluation, this period is extended to 4 years. Your workplace is located at the Faculty in Leuven.

Besides the salary, KU Leuven offers some additional advantages, such as hospitalization insurance, reimbursement for commuting by public transport, a KU Leuven bicycle, eco-vouchers, working from home, et cetera.
The candidate can start from December 1, 2020 onwards.


For more information please contact prof. dr. Koen Aesaert, tel.: +32 16 37 47 74, mail:

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