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Call for application of the Summer school Engaging Conflict, organized by T.wai in cooperation with the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society, University of Turin, and in particular with the MA programme in Scienze Internazionali.
The program is structured around two intensive weeks. Engaging Conflict activities are not limited to lectures, as workshops, seminars and roleplays complete the schedule. In addition, specifically designed thematic conversations will offer participants the opportunity to interact with scholars and practitioners alike in an informal environment. The School runs 5 days a week and the daily schedule is from 9 am to 1 pm (morning session) and from 2.30 to 4.15 pm (afternoon session).
Classes are limited to 25 participants, English proficiency is required, and international applications are welcome. Ideal candidates have a basic understanding of conflict-related issues. Several scholarships are available, covering anything from tuition fees to accommodation and meals. Please do check whether you may be eligible for one of them.


Torino, 2-13 July 2018. The venue of the course is: Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società (Department of Cultures, Politics and Society), Campus Luigi Einaudi (CLE), Lungodora Siena 100/a, Torino, Italy.


The Engaging Conflict Summer School addresses three core questions:
1 – What is conflict? Conceptualizing and understanding conflict

  • Conflict as a concept; conflict as discourse;
  • What differentiates conflicts of different kinds, what are their constitutive components (actors, dynamics, duration, etc.)?
  • When, where and why do such different kinds of conflict occur? What implications are attached to different kinds of conflict?
  • Who fights and why? What actors are involved in conflict and how?

2 – How does conflict work? Causes and dynamics of conflict

  • Causes: the politics of identity, the role of religion, territory, mobilization mechanisms;
  • Tools: violence and its forms.
  • Sustainability: the economy of conflict;
  • Broader issues: ethnicity; gender; regional aspects; environmental issues.

3 – How can we influence conflict? Intervening on conflict, and possible outcomes

  • Conflict prevention (vs. the implications of “give war a chance”), early warning and monitoring;
  • Mediation, negotiation and third-party involvement;
  • Disarmament, demobilization, reintegration (DDR); reconciliation; reconstruction;
  • Peacebuilding and its implications; conflict and development nexus.


Deadline is April 29th, 2018. Check the application procedure here. Applications are welcome from students and professionals who are in possession of the required qualifications. These are a Bachelor honours degree at 1st or 2:1 level (or an equivalent European title. Italian students holding a laurea triennale and not enrolled in a postgraduate programme have to have scored a minimum grade of 100/110) and good command of the English language, which is the working language of the School.
Tuition fees are 650€ (VAT included). This amount covers tuition, working materials and three social events (welcome aperitif, alumni night and farewell dinner). Students, or recently graduated former students ONLY may apply forscholarships (chech the details of requirements):

  • ZEROTASSE: scholarships covering tuition fees entirely.
  • ONCAMPUS: scholarships covering living expenses in Torino.
  • FREETORINO: scholarships covering both tuition fees and living expenses in Torino.

General infos about Torino here.

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