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Call for contribution: Photography and Resistance


300 – 500 word abstracts and brief biographical notes are due by 12th December 2020. The due date for the completed work is 30 May 2021


Photography, as Yvonne Vera writes, “has often brought forth the most loaded fraction of time, a calcification of the most unequal, brutal and undemocratic moment of human encounter” (Vera, 1999). Photography has also been used as a form of resistance to repressive regimes, to oppose war and violence, and as a means to challenge racism and heteronormative patriarchy. Photography offers both a means of critique and a way of making visible events and forms of power that are not intended to be seen. Feminist and LGBTQI+ photographers have taken up cameras as a way to produce new visual vocabularies, to reimagine the world otherwise, and to challenge hegemonic ways of seeing.


Contributions to the special issue can take the form of academic research articles (6000-8000 words); interviews (1000-3000 words); creative writing (max 3000 words); photographs, visual/ audiovisual or interactive art; video essays.

Of particular interest are works that illuminate the lives and work of women and nonbinary photographers and that draw on the insights and practices of anti-racist and intersectional feminism

Please consult the MAI website and submission guidelines for more information and please contact Kylie Thomas if you have any questions or to submit your abstract. 

Contact Info: Kylie Thomas, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow, Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies,

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