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Two short-term research fellowship awards The James P. Danky Fellowships in history of print and digital culture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture, in conjunction with the Wisconsin Historical Society, offers.


Winsconsin (US), 2018-19 academic year.


The Danky Fellowships provide $1000 per individual for their expenses while conducting research using the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society (please see details of the collections). Grant money may be used for travel to the WHS, costs of copying pertinent archival resources, and living expenses while pursuing research. If in residence during the semester, the recipient will be expected to give a presentation as part of the colloquium series of the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture.
Preference will be given to:

  • proposals undertaking research in print culture history
  • research likely to lead to publication
  • researchers early in their career
  • researchers from outside Madison


Deadline is May 1st. There is no application form. Applicants must submit the following:

  1. A cover sheet with name, telephone, permanent address and e-mail, current employer/affiliation, title of project, and proposed dates of residency.
  2. A letter of two single-spaced pages maximum describing the project and its relation to specifically cited collections at the society and to previous work on the same theme, and describing the projected outcome of the work, including publication plans. If residents of the Madison area are applying, they must explain their financial need for the stipend.
  3. Curriculum vitae.
  4. Two confidential letters of reference. Graduate students must include their thesis adviser.

The recipient will be notified by June 1. Please use your last name as the first word of all file names (for example: Name CV.doc) and email materials to: Anna Palmer, Coordinator, Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture
Prior to applying it is strongly suggested that applicants contact Lee Grady at the Wisconsin Historical Society ( or 608-264-6459) to discuss the relevancy of WHS collections to their projects. Wisconsin Historical Society staff may be able to identify potential collections of which you may not otherwise be aware.

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