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Call for contribution for the issue of Le Simplegadi: Always Connect: Transdisciplinarity and Intercultural Contact in Literary Discourse.


Deadline: 31st May 2020


Issue no. 20 focuses on the philosophical and scientific debate on cultural contact by investigating multidisciplinary approaches to literatures in English. Subjects and cultures are mutually involved in complex and protean dynamics. Investigating the critical implications of these dynamics through multidisciplinary perspectives to literary studies and bridging the gap between apparently divergent approaches is nowadays an increasingly sought cultural and scholarly practice. Literature and its interactions with science, medicine, technologies, artificial intelligence and other disciplines in the humanities – such as history, anthropology, the visual and multimedia arts and music – are at the core of many potential and multifaceted investigations, originating within literary discourse itself. A multidisciplinary perspective is thus essential to the current representations and analysis of multifaceted cultural phenomena.

We therefore welcome submissions focusing on texts, genres, genders, cultures, disciplines, media, and theories in literary studies. Topics may also include:

– Multi/inter/trans/disciplinary approaches to Literature, Postcolonial, Ecocritical and Partnership Studies;

– migrating in and across cultures and/or literatures;

– superdiverse texts, communities, practices;

– transgression in literary discourse;

– dialogue among apparently diverging approaches or texts (i.e. the humanities and sciences, narratology and medicine, etc.);

– synchronic and diachronic diversities;

– questioning literary canons;

– literary paradoxes, contact zones, inter/trans/culturation.

Contributions should conform to any of the four main sections of the journal: Poetics, Articles, Book Reviews and Interviews. Le Simplegadi follows a multilingual policy and promotes linguistic and pluricultural diversity; contributions in languages other than English are therefore welcome.

Submissions must conform to the guidelines that can be found on the journal’s website, section Notes for Contributors.

Only contributions that are in line with the guidelines and which arrive before the deadline will go through the peer review process. Authors must submit an abstract in the language of the article and one in English (maximum 200 words each).

To facilitate the reviewing process, submit articles in RTF format to:

All submissions should be accompanied by a cover message including postal and e-mail addresses, telephone and a brief biographical statement.


  • Le Simplegadi is published exclusively online once a year on 30th November. The journal is free and its whole issues or single contributions can be downloaded without payment. The journal seeks to reach a broad audience worldwide and welcomes contributions in a variety of languages.
  • All contributions published are peer reviewed by anonymous referees who experts in the specific field of study. Authors are requested to read carefully the notes for contributors and submit contributions that have not been published before either online or as hard copy.


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