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Call for Chapters, Edited Book: Mobilizing Narratives: Narrating (Im)Mobility Injustice


Prof. Hager Ben Driss is pulling together an Edited Collection called Mobilizing Narratives: Narrating (Im)Mobility Injustice. Deadline for submissions:October 15, 2020


Edward Said’s summation that “we live in a period of migration, of forced travel and forced residence, that has literally engulfed the globe” (Culture and Resistance, 2003) is an apt description of the riveting and pervasive nature of (im)mobility in contemporary times. Wars, climate change, pandemics, economic recessions, and social and cultural inequalities all contribute to coerce individuals as well as communities into forced movement or imposed immobility. This collection of articles seeks to investigate the injustices related to free circulation as represented in literary texts.

I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary approaches conjugating literary studies and mobility studies. Articles should also investigate injustices attending (im)mobility.

A Chapter should be no longer than 6000 words, and should be original and previously unpublished.

To see the Call on the Publisher’s website, please click here here at Cambridge Scholars , where you can download and complete a submission form.

For any query, please contact: Hager Ben Driss,


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