Here we go with all the incoming deadlines we spotted this month.
Watch out! Dates are deadlines for the submission of proposals, NOT the event date which is indicated in the specific call page.


  • 30/05/17 – Pisa (ITA). International Workshop PhD Students SeSaMO – Italian Society for Mid East studies
  • 31/05/17 – Strasbourg (FR). CFP “Cultural transfers and mediators in sport. The Diffusion of Sport in Europe.” Congress & young researcher symposium


  • 01/06/17 – CFC: “Race/Gender/Class/Media 4.0: Considering Diversity Across Audiences, Content, and Producers”
  • 04/06/17 – ITA. Summer school “1917-2017. Stati Uniti e Russia, due modernità a confronto”
  • 10/06/17 – Prague (CZ). CFP “Republicanism in the history of Political Philosophy and Today”
  • 13/06/17 – Clermont-Ferrand (FR). CFP Journée d’étude “Révolutionnaires et communautés utopiques”
  • 15/06/17 – CFC. “Lebanon the country of a thousand faces” – Tetide, Rivista di Studi Mediterranei.
  • 15/06/17 – Milan. CFP, “The US and the World We Inhabit” [AISNA]
  • 15/06/17 – Grenoble. CFP “Public information / communication and public spaces in society. Interactions and tensions”
  • 16/06/17 – Lorient (FR). CFP “Hidden faces of Americas” intl. conference.
  • 20/06/17 – CFC “The 5th dimension of human interaction (Cyberspace): a first cartography”, “Politica e Società” journal
  • 30/06/17 – Izmir (TR). CFP “İzmir and the Region: A Hundred Years of Social, Economic and Cultural Change, 1850 – 1950”


  • 16/07/17 – call for contribution. “A New “Nomos of the Earth”? International Governance, Development and Humanitarian Aid”
  • 31/07/17 – Premio “Valeria Solesin” per tesi magistrali dedicate a “i beni relazionali” [multidisciplinare]


  • 01/09/17 – Call for contributions, “América Critica”. “Linguaggi dell’urbanizzazione e visioni della città”.


  • 01/11/17 – Poland. East/Central European Cultures Inside and Out: Local and Global Perspectives


07/05/17 – Torino (IT). Summer School “Engaging Conflict: Prevention, Management and Resolution”

14/06/17 – Lyon. POST-DOC contract in contemporary history/environment

15/06/17 – Beirut (LBN). Summer School “Reading and analysing Ottoman manuscript sources”

15-16/06/17 – Torino (IT). Open days for Masters in social sciences

31/07/17 – Online French Review Implications philosophiques is looking for new authors.

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