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Call for chapter on race and veganism for the the Routledge Handbook of Vegan Studies,

Deadline for submissions: May 20, 2020


Laura Wright ( is editing the Routledge Handbook of Vegan Studies, which is currently under contract with the press. Handbooks are typically 30-35 chapters, with chapters being roughly 6000 words (footnotes and works cited inclusive). They aim to provide a cutting edge, comprehensive assessment of the field and will be an essential reference title and benchmark publication for the subject.

Due to a late withdrawal by a contributor, she am seeking proposals for a final needed chapter examining race and veganism that reflects knowledge of the field of Vegan Studies, Critical Race Studies, and that builds on extant work in these disciplines. The essay should provide a broad overview of the issues and tensions that have shaped the discourse on veganism and race. 


Please submit abstract proposals of 250-300 words and CV to Laura Wright @ ASAP but definitively by May 20, 2020. The turnaround for the completed essay will be quick but negotiable, as all other contributor essays have been submitted and reviewed at this time. 

For more information about Routledge Handbooks and to see a handbook in a related field, visit this page. For more information about Vegan Studies, please visit the wikipedia page; and the vegan studies project.

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