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Call for contribution for the volume Crossing Sacred Borders: Writing Journeys in Literature and Culture.


Travel and journey, pilgrimage and inner quest are those topics that will be discussed in this interdisciplinary edited volume. By April 10, please submit a 250-300 word abstract and your CV to Dr. Elena Shabliy and/or Dr. Dmitry Kurochkin


Writers, poets, philosophers, and thinkers often dwelled on the theme of a journey and spiritual quest as one the central themes in their works in many religious and literary traditions; ancient masterpieces offer fascinating stories of pilgrimages, wanderings, and inner search. Among such literary works is the epic of Gilgamesh, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, etc. The motif of travel and journey dominates literary narratives in world literature. Protagonists are usually in constant movement and search for someone or something. King Arthur, a hero of many literary works and legends, for example, initiated the search for the Holy Grail. The sacred journey motif also traces back to the Holy Scriptures where the journey of Abraham and Moses is the beginning of peoples’ religious quest; the Holy Scriptures inspired and informed many authors and poets worldwide. Travel and journey do not necessarily presuppose the physical movement, thus, the celebrated religious masterpiece of Teresa of Ávila The Interior Castle, or the Mansions displays inner search, crossing and transcending (sacred) borders, and spiritual growth.

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Dr. Elena Shabliy, Boston University 

Dr. Dmitry Kurochkin, Harvard University 

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