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appel à contribution pour la conférence internationale Plural Diplomacies.

Quand et où

25-26 octobre, Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Sujet et objectif

la conférence vise à explorer les formes nouvelles et non-nationales de diplomatie: de la diplomatie sportive à celle culinaire, des organisations supra-nationales à celles internationales, les auteurs de la diplomatie ne sont plus (seulement) ceux qui forment le corps diplomatique.
Dans la logique de la globalisation tout est ou devient diplomatie, et celle-ci est dynamique et scalable: économie, culture, environnement, tourisme, sport, cuisine, recherche, religion, digitalisation, santé. Cette diplomatie plurielle est donc fragmentée, liquide. La conférence essaie donc d’explorer les nouveaux acteurs, les nouvelles pratiques, les nouveaux domaines de cette diplomatie plurielle.

Deadline et candidature

l’échéance est le 25 septembre 2017. Les articles et les talks sont acceptés en Français et Anglais. Envoie ta proposition (profil personnel, abstract de 150 mots, titre, mots-clés) aux adresses de Radovan Gura et Gilles Rouet Les articles complets sont à envoyer avant le 18 décembre 2018 (20.000 à 40.000 frappes). Une publication suivra la conférence.


call for paper for the international conference Plural Diplomacies.


25-26th october, Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia


According to Satow, diplomacy “is the application of intelligence and tact to the conduct of official relations between the governments of independent states, extending sometimes also to their relations with vassal States; or, more briefly still, the conduct of business between states by peaceful means” (1979 [1917], p. 1). A definition which corresponds well to the world situation after the 19th century, when the Westphalian States of Europe governed international relations, and after, when the European preponderance has weakened, and an euro-Atlantic axis was imposed. Since then, the States have, gradually, lost their position as a key player. Indeed, institutions and international and supranational organisations have taken more and more weight and the world is no longer only centred on the power of the Member States, but on a dense network of interdependence. New actors appeared in the international system, and, in particular, non-State actors. Practices and objectives that can be qualified as diplomatic are now installed within multinational organisations, businesses, of Parliaments, etc.
In the logic of globalisation, everything is or becomes diplomacy, the diplomacy is scalable, dynamic: economic, cultural, climatic, touristic, sports, spatial, culinary, research, religious, digital, health, etc. This plural diplomacy (Cornago, 2013) would then be fragmented, diluted, but perhaps especially, should deal with other forms of diplomacy, also plural. Hence, the aim of this international conference is to present the developments of the various forms of diplomacy: new forms of regalian diplomacy, State or supranational diplomacy (diplomacy 2.0), new actors, new fields of the diplomatic action, and new practices (business, parliaments, etc.).
This call for contribution presents only a few examples of new forms of diplomacy: parliamentary, economic, strategic, business or sports, but the conference is open to all forms of diplomacy.

How to apply and deadline

deadline September, 25th, 2017. Contributions and papers are welcome in both English and French. Send proposals for papers (title, summary of the proposal – 150 words – 4-6 keywords, personal presentation of authors) to both Radovan Gura and Gilles Rouet The selected papers should be sent before December 18th, 2017 (20 to 40,000 characters). A publication will be then realised.

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