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Call for papers. The Sant’Anna Institute (Sorrento, Italy) and the College of The Holy Cross (Worcester, United States) are pleased to present the fourth international conference: “Women of/in the Mediterranean: Women and Memory”.


Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento Italy, June 21-22, 2019


The conference explores the role of women throughout the cultures of the Mediterranean Basin, considered from both diachronic and synchronic perspectives within the kaleidoscopic range of realities in which they live and work.
Mindful of the extent to which notions of womanhood have spread throughout the nations that share the sea’s vast coastlines, this conference aims, in particular, to cast a new light on the value and diverse variations and interpretations of the individual and collective memory of the female essence, and its dissemination, between diverse communities and generations.
Furthermore, the conference investigates the historic evolution of memoirs in literature (poetry and prose), as well as its theatrical and cinematographic variants. Contributions can extend into matters of immediate concern, including those related to the judicial and socio-political contexts of this far-reaching geographic area.
A volume of selected presentations will be edited and published by the Organizational Committee.
Using both an intra and inter-Mediterranean approach, the Committee welcomes papers in the following areas of research:
– Gender studies
– Literature
– History
– Philosophy
– Sociology and Anthropology
– Psychology
– Political Science
– Religious Studies
– Cinema
– Human Rights
Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:
– Collective memory
– Historic memory
– Neglected memory
– Fragmented memory
– Family memory
– Memory as related to class, community and nation
– Travel memories
– Memories of war
– Memory and art
– Political memory
– Love/friendship and memory
– Doors of memory
– Effects of memory


Organizers invite proposals (maximum two paragraphs) in Italian, English or Spanish, along with your academic profile, to be submitted no later than April 15th 2019 to the following address:
The Conference registration fee is € 130 for Professors and € 55 for Graduate Students (Doctoral candidates), PhDs without full time employment and Independent Scholars.

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