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Call for papers for the multidisciplinary conference “Identities and Identifications: Politicized Uses of Collective Identities


14 – 15 June 2018, Agora Cultural Centre, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy


See the complete topic here.
Many panels are already available. The Conference is organized around but not limited to the following tentative panels or topics:

  • Welcome to the Land of Disputes: Theoretic Contributions to Understanding Identity
  • Modernity and Identity
  • Identities as Endogenous Factors in the Study of Organizations
  • Critical Approaches to Understanding Identity
  • Universal and Local in Identity Making
  • Processes of Identity Building
  • Practices of Identification
  • Identity and Inclusion
  • Identity and Exclusion
  • The Politicization of the European Identity
  • European Union and the Claims of an Emerging Supranational Identity
  • America as a Soft Power: Attraction Through Identitarian Constructs
  • Normative Powers and the Export of Identities
  • Identity and the Power of Naming the Other
  • In-Group – Out-Group Dynamics in Identity Formation
  • Identities as Endogenous Factors in Explaining Political Behaviors
  • Religion and Identities
  • Imagined Communities: Migration and Preserving Identity as A Foreigner
  • Art as an Identity Making Process
  • Folklore and the National Identity Narratives
  • History Reading and Identity Making
  • Ideal and Real Multiculturalism: How Inclusive Our Societies Are?
  • East/West – North/South: Imaginary Geographies of Identities
  • Core/Periphery Claims in Shaping Identities
  • Regions and Identities
  • Nested Identities
  • Identitarian Threats
  • Symbols of Identities: Flags, Coins, Stamps and Anthems
  • Cosmopolitanism and Supra-National Identities
  • Film and the Visual Narration of identities
  • Music, Dance and the Identitarian Signifiers
  • Literature and Identities
  • Groups, Gangs, Movements and Identities
  • Protest and Identities
  • Ethnicity and Identity
  • Regional Integration Projects and Identity Appropriations
  • Globalization and Identities
  • Uses and Miss-uses of Identities for Political Purposes
  • Organizations and Identities
  • Brands, Branding and Identity
  • Markets, Products and Identities
  • Consumerism and its Impact on Identity Building
  • Corporate Identity
  • European Symbols and Representations of a Common Identity
  • Identity and Conflict
  • Crises of Identity
  • Social Constructivism and Identity
  • Feminism and Gendered Identities
  • Queer Studies of Identities
  • Post-Colonialism and the Refurbished Other(s)

However, organizers welcome proposals for new panels.


Deadline for Paper Proposals: 7th of May 2018.
The Registration Fee is 180 Euro. It includes:

  • the registration fee
  • participant’s package with all the materials for the conference
  • eligibility for publishing the presentation in the conference follow-up publications
  • access to Euroacademia discussion group and newsletters
  • 2 daily coffee brakes during the conference
  • a welcome drink and Tuscan aperitivo on 14th of June 2018
  • a 3 course Tuscan specialties lunch on 14th of June 2018
  • a 3 course Tuscan specialties lunch on 15th of June 2018
  • certificate of attendance
  • access to optional social program

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