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Call for papers for the 25th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN)


Online, 6-8 May 2021.

The Association for the Study of Nationalities is proud to announce the return its Annual Convention. The ASN 2021 Annual World Convention will take place entirely online on 6-8 May 2021. Its 25th Anniversary, after an unforeseen hiatus forced upon us by the pandemic, will be celebrated with style.

Adapting to an Online Format: Key Points
*The scope of the Convention will be as large as previous Conventions held in person at Columbia University, i.e., between 150-170 panels/events running over three days.

*The panels, however, will be shorter: 90 minutes, instead of the usual 120 minutes.
*Most of the panels, as before, will be structured around presentations based on written papers. There will also be book panels, roundtables, film screenings and special events.
*Given the circumstances, in an effort to minimize technical problems, all panel chairs will be selected by the Convention Program Committee.
*Registered panelists and non-panelists will be able to attend any session they want. Registration and membership fees will be announced later. A few special events will be open to the general public without a registration wall.
*Applicants whose paper or panel proposal was accepted in 2020 can resubmit their application (or a revised version), using the updated application forms. The Convention will look favorably at these applications, without being able to make guarantees in advance that applicants will be on the program.
*The schedule will take into consideration the panelists’ time zone.
*In the wake of the pandemic, ASN has successfully launched a new initiative – Virtual ASN (vASN). Events are planned throughout the year. The ASN World Convention is entirely distinct from vASN.



Proposal Deadline: 11 November 2021
Proposals must be submitted to and

Application online here.

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