International Conference “Representing Migration: The Legacy of Post-Imperial Migrations from World War I to the Cold War” at the Center for Advanced Studies, LMU Munich. Organized by Prof. Dr. Christoph K. Neumann (Chair of Turkish Studies, LMU), Prof. Dr. Isa Blumi (Stockholm University, CAS Visiting Fellow), and Prof. Dr. Martin Schulze Wessel (Chair of East European History, LMU)


Munich, January 29-30, 2018.


The research focus “Representing Migration” describes the topic of migration and memory as a field of research that is to be approached in a processual, interdisciplinary manner, and that should be understood not so much through the construction of identities based on comparison with and distinction from others, but rather through the forms of representation and presentation as well as the presentation strategies of migrants and those in exile. The aim of the gathering in Munich at the beginning of 2018 is to produce a framework in which new inquiries into the dynamics around migration within and beyond the late Habsburg, Ottoman, and Russian Empires are possible.

The ideal range of papers extends from the events leading to the collapse of these empires, to monitoring where exiles of these events end up and hopefully include a focus on how these diasporas ultimately shaped early Cold War societies. Contributions are especially sought from those who can locate the imprints of these migrations to regions well beyond the territorial confines of the three empires, perhaps even introducing new avenues of analysis that tie the migrants from these multi-national empires to the creation of diasporas in the Americas, Southeast Asia as well as throughout Eurasia and Mediterranean world.


Send your paper abstract of 300-350 words to christoph.neumann@lmu.de by September 1st, 2017.

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