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call for paper for the 1st International Conference on Precarity, Populism and Post-Truth Politics. Organized by Universidad de Cordoba, University of Northampton, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University.


1-3 february 2018, Universidad de Cordoba (2-days conference and 1-day workshop).


Check the full call here. This three-day event aims to interrogate the multiple and overlapping global processes underlying three emergent relational fields or modes of enquiry: precarity, populism and post-truth politics. As a network, we are committed to the pursuit of arguments and ideas that will foster articulation of research questions and positions and the construction of one or more interlinked, interdisciplinary projects. We seek to identify the interconnections between precarity, populism and post-truth politics in ways that will enable the development of cross-cutting thematic and theoretical approaches to these manifestations of global inequality, injustice and tension. We invite abstracts that focus on, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Global Health and Safety, starvation and housing
    • National and transnational terrorism, war, and violence
    • Subalternity, marginality, poverty, and economic inequality
    • Gender, sexuality, poverty, and precarity
    • Diasporas, immigration and global population trends and growth
    • Mass media representations of economy, democracy and global conflict
    • Depletion of natural resources, ecological degradation and the Anthropocene
    • Imperialistic globalization of cultures
    • Human Rights, refugees, asylum seekers, illegal migrants and social activism
    • Populisms and aesthetics
    • Global emergence of right wing ideologies
    • NGOs, UN and other corporate stakeholders
    • Racism, discrimination, and ontologies of the grievable
    • The role of censorship in mass media and cultural representations
    • Neo-liberal capitalism and human sustainability
    • The role of science and technology in poverty, populism and the post-truth era
    • The humanities and social sciences in the global world
    • Truthiness, Truth and Post-Truth Politics: political discourse and consciousness
    • Scapes of poverty and precarity and its representational practices
    • Contested representations of precarity, populism and post-truth phenomena
    • Political separatisms, populism and Brexit
    • Literary and visual representations of precarity, populism, post-truth politics
    • Ethics and aesthetics in the representations of poverty
    • Literary and visual representations of precarity, populism, post-truth politics
    • Ethics and aesthetics in the representations of poverty
    • The language gap and the role of second language teaching in poverty amelioration and social integration


30 September 2017. Proposals for 90-minute panels with a 500 word justification in addition to individual abstracts of 300 words are also welcome. It will host 3 communications plus a 30-minute debate. Their design will be purposefully focused on the development of a common topic. Participation fee is 70 euros for students, 120 early bird, 150 full fee.

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