International conference on “Colonial Mobilization in Africa and Asia during the Second World War: Soldiers, Labourers and Women” organized by the research project “Colonial Soldiers in World War II: war, labour and gender under colonialism,” at Kyoto University, funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

Kyoto, Japan, March 22-23, 2018.


The international conference focuses on the policies and praxis of empires in the mobilization and deployment of colonial subjects as well as the various strategies employed by the mobilized people and societies to protect themselves and their dignity during WWII. Emphasis is laid on:

  1. the overall features of mobilization and deployment of soldiers and other forms of labourers as well as women per continuum; the continuity of “wartime” and “peacetime” mobilization under colonialism. The aim of the conference is to see the Second World War as part of colonial violence and reconsider it from the perspective of the colonial world of Africa and Asia.
  2. the globality and interconnectedness of colonial mobilization; trans-colonial and trans-imperial mobility of people and the meaning of these experiences to colonial societies. Papers of comparative nature are encouraged.
  3. gender aspect of colonial mobilizations; mobilization of female labourers, forced recruitment of women for sexual purpose or sexual slavery such as “comfort women”; and sexual violence.


Send your abstract with CV by September 30, 2017 to colmob2018@gmail.com (Yoko Nagahara, Kyoto University, the project leader). The abstract ought not to exceed 300 words. The result will be announced within a month.

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