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Call for papers for a 3 day Workshop organized by the Koç University Suna & İnan Kıraç Center for Mediterranean Civilizations


June 13-15, 2019, Antalya, Turkey


The organizers encourage submissions engaging with diverse Mediterranean cultural and artistic productions from the 19th to the 21st century, including, but not limited to: literature, photography, artistic productions, travel narratives, cinema and documentaries, as well as TV series.
·       Cultural circulations in the Mediterranean ambient
·       “Mediterranean literatures” and/or “Mediterranean art” as categories of analysis
·       Colonialism and imperialism in the modern Mediterranean
·       Migration and the Mediterranean
·       Mediterranean Archives
·       The Black Mediterranean
·       A “Mediterranean Turn” in literary studies
·       Mediterranean Literature as World Literature
·       Gender and sexuality in the Mediterranean basin
·       Conceptual, temporal, and geographical bridges of/in the Mediterranean
·       “Non-Mediterranean” works on the Mediterranean
·       Connecting/Comparative Seas (Black Sea, Marmara Sea, and Red Sea in particular)
·       Mediterranean “Blind spots” or “neglected” Mediterraneans (Literary traditions, productions, and/or time periods that do not receive adequate attention in a Mediterranean framework)


300 word abstracts and abbreviated CVs are to be sent to C. Ceyhun Arslan and Megan C. MacDonald ( and by January 15, 2019. 
The following expenses will be covered for all participants:
·         Accommodation for up to three nights
·         Breakfast and lunch during the workshop days, and group dinners (two nights)
·         On-site trips in Antalya
·         One round-trip economy ticket to Antalya (tickets reimbursed up to 500 Euros).

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