Here we go with all the incoming deadlines we spotted these last weeks: calls for papers, fellowships, summer schools, grants, calls for contributions; and also book reviews, sometimes podcasts, recruiting blogs.
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Dates refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals, not to the event date (which is indicated in the specific call page).


  • 31/10/17 – Paris (FR). CFP Contextualizing Bankruptcy: Publicity, Space and Time (Europe, 17th to 19th c.)
  • 31/10/17 – Rouen (FR). CFP “Disrupting the order. Protest activism, social encounters and decompartmentalization In the 1968 years”
  • 31/10/17 – Avignon (FR). CFP “Les migrations au départ du et vers le Canada: dynamiques spatiales et identitaires entre continuité et rupture


  • 01/11/17 – Poland. CFP “East/Central European Cultures Inside and Out: Local and Global Perspectives”
  • 01/11/17 – Dublin (EI). CFP Transatlantic Women 3: Women of the Green Atlantic
  • 12/11/17 – Reims (FR). CFP “En scène ! L’art de la représentation théâtrale et politique”
  • 15/11/17 – Nice (FR). CFP International conference “the philosophy of customary law”
  • 15/11/17 – Grenoble (FR). CFP “War and Peace: Representations and Symbols in the Arab World”
  • 17/11/17 – Moscow (RU). CFP “Imperial Cities: The Tsarist Empire, the Habsburg Empire and the Ottoman Empire in Comparison”
  • 20/11/17 – Lyon (Fr). CFP intl. conference “Writing Environmental History in the 21st century: Sources, Methods and Practices”
  • 30/11/17 – Rome (IT). CFP “Status and social conditions under the risk of social demotion in Europe, XVI-XIX century”


  • 01/12/17CFC “Entreprises et histoire” about “prudence” in economical relationships.
  • 10/12/17 – Nice (FR). CFP early career conference “Indispensabili e marginali. Les objets dans la littérature italienne contemporaine”
  • 15/12/17 – Rennes (FR). CFP “De la géographie sociale aux sciences sociales de l’espace”
  • 19/12/17 – Istanbul (TR). CFP “Migration and cultural interaction in Ottoman empire and Turkey”
  • 31/12/17 – Bamberg (DE). CFP “3rd European Convention on Turkic, Ottoman & Turkish Studies”
  • 31/12/17CFC “Destra” e “Sinistra” per “Spazio Filosofico”.


  • 08/01/18 – CFC “Postcolonial Interventions”


  • 01/02/18 – Montreal (CDN). CFP “Transnational Journalism History Conference”


  • 31/10/17Book prize “Giuseppe Sormani” for a book about Antonio Gramsci
  • 30/11/17Thesis prize – Premio di Laurea “Helen Joanne Jo Cox” for European Studies.
  • 12/12/17Ph.D. and M.A. Thesis Prize “Vinka Kitarovic” in modern & contemporary history or women emancipation studies.
  • 15/11/17Prix mémoire d’histoire du XIX siècle.


  • 01/11/17 – San Diego (CA). Assistant Professor in Early Modern Mediterranean and the World
  • 01/11/17 – Princeton (US). Fellowship “Fung Global Fellows Program” about “interdependence”
  • 15/11/17 – Austin (US). “Ottoman history professorship”


  • 20/11/17CFA short documentary “10 Views on Migration”
  • 01/12/17 – Hamburg (DE). CfA TürkeiEuropaZentrum Visiting Fellowship
  • 15/12/17 – History of Policies University of Shanghai Visiting Fellowships


  • BIBLION/ “Academics’ top tips for publishing success”
  • Podcasts – History rehearsal with “Ben Franklin’s World” – academic podcasts narrating US (hi)stories.
  • authors wanted – “Implications Philosophiques“, rivista francese di filosofia contemporanea recluta autori, redattori, rilettori.

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