The last roundup of all the incoming deadlines we spotted: calls for papers, fellowships, summer schools, grants, calls for contributions; and also tools, Open access collections, podcasts.
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Watch out! As usual, dates are expressed in DD/MM/YYYY format; and they refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals.


  • 14/12/20 – CFP (online). “Fictions of Retranslations: Retranslating Language and Style in Prose Fiction”
  • 15/12/20 – Leuven (BE, Online). CFP: “World Literature and the Minor: Figuration, Circulation, Translation”
  • 18/12/20 – CFP (online) “Communities in Europe: Between Continuity and Transition”
  • 31/12/20 – CFC “Gender and the Coronavirus Crisis”
  • 31/12/20 – Call for Articles from the Society for Pirandello Studies
  • 31/12/20 – CFC “The health emergencies of the 18th century: political, social and cultural reflections”
  • 31/12/20 – CFP. “Per una storia delle Alpi. Storia, percezioni, rappresentazioni tra Ottocento e Novecento”
  • 31/12/20 – CFC “Diasporic Italy”, inaugurational issue
  • No deadline – CFC “Arcadiana, A Blog about Literature, Culture and the Environment A Blog about Literature, Culture and the Environment”
  • No deadline – CFP “Historical roots of contemporary trans-Atlantic phenomena”


  • 01/01/21 – CFC “In current migrations: New ethnic issues”
  • 15/01/21 – CFP “Dreams and the Animal Kingdom in Culture and Aesthetic Media”
  • 15/01/21 – Online. CFP “Hidden histories: women and science in the twentieth century”
  • 15/01/21 – Pavia (IT). CFP student conference “Conflicting subjects: Between Clash and Recognition”
  • 20/01/21 – (online). CFP “Socialist Culture Recycled: from Disillusions to Nostalgia and Beyonds”
  • 31/01/21 – CFP transnational perspectives on early modern fiction
  • 31/01/21 – Oulu (FI). CFP “Debate! Language, Culture and Information in Interaction”


  • 15/02/21 – Utrecht (NL). CFP “Migrant Belongings: Digital Practices and the Everyday”


  • 15/07/21 – CFP. “Diderot: Space and Movement”


  • 30/12/20 – Miami Beach (US). Woflsonian Fellowship in Art and Design History
  • 31/12/20 – Luxembourg. 2 Doctoral scholarships in public history
  • 15/01/21 – (Worcester, U.S.A). PhD Scholarships “Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies”
  • 10/01/21 – St. Louis (USA). Friedman Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Jewish Studies
  • 13/01/21 – various universities, UK. AHRC Studentships for Doctoral Researchers in the Arts and Humanities (M4C)
  • 15/01/21 – Hamburg (DE). Master and Phd scholarships in “Borders, Democracy and Security”.
  • 29/01/21 – Cornell Univ. (USA). Funded Graduate Seminar “Beyond Cultural Studies and Critical Theory”
  • 31/01/21 – Princeton (USA). Princeton-Mellon Fellowships in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities
  • 31/01/21 – Vienna (AU). 5 doctoral scholarships in social sciences
  • 01/02/21 – Bremen (DE) 7 PhD positions in Social Sciences
  • 01/02/21 – Wien (AT). PhD and MA Scholarships in Comparative History
  • 25/02/21 – (UK). 145 three-year Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships in History
  • 01/03/21 – (AU/USA). Research Grants, Botstiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies 2021-2022



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