The last roundup of all the incoming deadlines we spotted: calls for papers, fellowships, summer schools, grants, calls for contributions; and also tools, Open access collections, podcasts.
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Watch out! As usual, dates are expressed in DD/MM/YYYY format; and they refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals.


  • 30/03/20 – Paris (FR). CFP “Displaying the social history of migrants. Content, scenography, public engagement”
  • 31/03/20 – London (UK). CFP “Beyond camps and forced labour: current international research on survivors of Nazi persecution”
  • 31/03/20 – Amalfi (IT). CFP Graduate conference “Southern Italy in the Middle Ages: a Political, Cultural and Economic Centre (century V-XIII)”


  • 05/04/20 – Warsaw (PL). CFP “Many Regimes of Capital in the Postdigital Age”
  • 10/04/20 – CFC “Crossing Sacred Borders: Writing Journeys in Literature and Culture”
  • 12/04/20 – Frankfurt (DE). CFP “Visible Evidence XXVII. Documentary and Democracy in Crisis”
  • 14/04/20 – Delhi (IN). CFP “Archiving, Recording and Representing Feminism: The Global History of Women’s Emancipation in the 20th Century”
  • 15/04/20 – London (UK). CFP “ Gendered Representations in 20th Century American Art & Culture”
  • 15/04/20 – Nice (F). CFP “Venice, a Mediterranean regional power. Economic, maritime and political perspectives, 1669 – 1797”
  • 17/04/20 – Konya (TR). CFP “6th China, Islam and the Middle East/North Africa conference”
  • 17/04/20 – Paris (FR). CFP “Mediating Otherness: Encounters across Space and Time”
  • 20/04/20 – Dundee (UK). CFP “ Indeterminate Futures / The Future of Indeterminacy”
  • 30/04/20 – Mulhouse (FR). CFP “The Shape of News and Public Opinion in XVII-XVIII Century Europe and America”
  • 30/04/20 – Venice (IT). CFP “On the Boundaries of Here and Now”
  • 30/04/20 – Rome (IT). CFP “European Society of Comparative Literature: Imagining inclusive communities in European culture”


  • 01/05/20 – Venice (IT). CFP “Religious Dimensions of Nationalism: Interdisciplinary Perspectives”
  • 04/05/20 – Paris (FR). CFP “The Body at Work: Gender, Labour, Migration”
  • 30/05/20 – CFP “Environmental journalism in the Anthropocene era: Cultural representations of climate change in the 20th and 21st Century”
  • 31/05/20 – Porto (PT). CFP “Literary Europe: Creation and Mediation”


  • 01/06/20 – Manchester, New Hampshire (US). CFP 2020 Northeast Popular Culture Association Conference
  • 30/06/20 – CFC “Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908-2009) again? Certainly.”


  • 30/07/20 – CFP “Cultural Heritage and Internation Law. Armed conflict and human heritage”


  • 31/03/20 – Halle (DE). Short fellowships for Enlightenment Studies
  • 02/04/20 – Helsinki (FI). Scholarships for summer school “Di­gital Hu­man­it­ies Hack­a­thon”
  • 01/04/20 – Borse brevi DAAD per tutte le discipline (master, P.h.D., post-doc)
  • 13/04/20 – Borse di studio “Fondazione Feltrinelli” in discipline economiche e sociali
  • 30/04/20 – various locations. Postdoc fellowships “Urban Studies” for scholars from the Global South.
  • 01/05/20 – Paris, Moscow. EHESS/EHESE binational French-Russian Master in Sociology
  • 11/05/20 – Aarhus (DK). 2-years Postdoc Scholarship, political sciences
  • 08/05/20 – Hertfordshire (UK). PhD in Digital Heritage
  • 15/05/20 – SISF, Borse di ricerca sulla cultura fotografica contemporanea italiana
  • 05/07/20– Vienna (AT). Postdoctoral Fellowships at IFK International Research Center for Cultural Studies



  • Parlare e scrivere in inglese accademico: le risorse utili
  • Internet Archive: la biblioteca d’Alessandria dell’era moderna
  • Paperity, un aggregatore multidisciplinare (anche) in forma di app
  • Archival collection: OLL – Online library of liberty
  • Open access: “SHARE Press” digital edition project
  • Open access: Accademia University Press
  • Open access: la collezione di libri di Firenze University Press
  • Open access: la collezione di OAPEN
  • Open access: la collezione di e-book gratis di New Digital Frontiers.
  • A free software for archival sources: Tropy, an informal tutorial.
  • Un software per gestire le fotografie d’archivio. Breve recensione di Tropy.
  • Un logiciel pour gérer les photographies d’archives: notre recension de Tropy.
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