The last roundup of all the incoming deadlines we spotted: calls for papers, fellowships, summer schools, grants, calls for contributions; and also tools, Open access collections, podcasts.
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Watch out! As usual, dates are expressed in DD/MM/YYYY format; and they refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals.


  • 30/09/19 – Leuven (B). CFP “The Poetics of Precarity. Literature, Art, and the Precarious Condition”
  • 30/09/19 – Kayseri & Nevşehir (TR). CFP “Borders”
  • 30/09/19 – (Rochester, NY, USA) CFP “NCSA, Radicalism & Reform”, with travel bursary
  • 30/09/19 – Pavia (IT). CFP “What we talk about when we talk about history. Reflections and perspectives”
  • 30/09/19 – Bonn (DE). Fellowship in European Administrative History
  • September 2019 – CFP “Nation(s) and Translation”


  • 01/10/19 – CFC “European Communitites and the Emergence of Human Rights in International Relations”
  • 01/10/19 – Newport (USA). CFP 2020 “Global Conference on Women and Gender”
  • 10/09/19 – Fréjus (FR). CFA thematic school “Citizenships in Northern and Southern Mediterranean. Actions, objects, relations: an interdisciplinary perspective”.
  • 15/10/19 – CFC “Co-creation in migration research and policy making”
  • 15/10/19 – Reykjavik (IS). CFP “ECRN – Europe’s Past, Present, and Future”
  • 15/10/19 – Besançon (FR). Multidisciplinary CFP “Anachronism”
  • 15/10/19 – Saint Paul (US). CFP “2nd Biennial Conference of Activist Scholars”
  • 21/10/19 – Cambridge (UK). CFP “Architectures of Power: buildings of politics and governance, 1750-2000”
  • 25/10/19 – Guelph (CA). CFP “Cross-Cultural Exchange and Cultural Practice: Narratives in Motion”
  • 30/10/19 – Corfu (GR). CfP “Varieties of Capitalism in the Mediterranean (18th-20th century)”
  • 31/10/19 – Call for articles “Food and gender. Representations, practices, hierarchies”
  • 31/10/19 – Paris (FR). CFP “What citizenship education for what democracy? Transnational perspectives from the 19th century to the 21st”


  • 01/11/19. “The Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize 2020 at the Gettysburg College”
  • 30/11/19 – London (UK). CFP: “Recovering Women’s Identities”


  • 01/12/19 – London (UK). CFP “Colonial legacies – Cities 2020 and their cultural legacies”
  • 13/12/19 – Premio “Antonino Murmura” sul rapporto tra stato e mercato
  • 31/12/19 – Vienna (AT). CFP “Travelling Practices and the Emergence of Tourism in the Middle East (16th-20th Centuries)”
  • 31/12/19 -“Richard Gillespie Mediterranean Prize for best research article”


15/01/20 – Ida Blom–Karen Offen Prize in Transnational Women’s and Gender History


  • 30/09/19 – Premio divulgazione scientifica “Giancarlo Dosi”
  • 30/09/19 – Tunis (TN). Bourse d’aide à la mobilité internationale IRMC Tunis
  • 01/10/19 – Organisation of American Historians: Awards and Prizes
  • 01/11/19 – “The Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize 2020 at the Gettysburg College”
  • 18/10/19 – Borse di studio e ricerca della Banca d’Italia per neolaureati
  • 21/10/19 – (several destinations). 5 three-years Postdoc fellowships in urban studies
  • 31/10/19 – Premio “Avvocatura per i Diritti LGBTI – Rete Lenford”
  • 02/12/19 – Organisation of American Historians: Awards and Prizes (II)



  • Paperity, un aggregatore multidisciplinare (anche) in forma di app
  • Archival collection: OLL – Online library of liberty
  • Open access: “SHARE Press” digital edition project
  • Open access: Accademia University Press
  • Open access: la collezione di libri di Firenze University Press
  • Open access: la collezione di OAPEN
  • Open access: la collezione di e-book gratis di New Digital Frontiers
  • Un software per gestire le fotografie d’archivio. Breve recensione di Tropy.
  • Un logiciel pour gérer les photographies d’archives: notre recension de Tropy.

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