The last roundup of all the incoming deadlines we spotted: calls for papers, fellowships, summer schools, grants, calls for contributions; and also tools, Open access collections, podcasts.
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Watch out! As usual, dates are expressed in DD/MM/YYYY format; and they refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals.


  • 30/07/19 – Dublin (IE). CFP “The Freak and its Discontents: An Interdisciplinary Conference”
  • 31/07/19 – Istanbul (TR). CFP “The Power of the Dispersed: Early Modern Global Travelers beyond Integration”
  • 31/07/19 – Durham (UK). CFP “Minorities Report. Italian Culture, Facing Otherness” SIS PG Colloquium
  • 31/07/19 – Manchester. CFP “​States, Empires, Global Spaces.​ Visions of order beyond liberal internationalism”


  • 01/08/19 – Venice (IT). CFP “New Directions in the Humanities” Conference
  • Call for Book Proposal “Culture, Society and Political Economy in Turkey”
  • 15/08/19 – Istanbul (TR). CFP “Exploring the Dimensions of Refugee Inclusion: Social Structures, Institutions and Strategies”
  • 15/08/19 – CFC “Transverse Disciplines: Working across and beyond Academic Communities”
  • 23/08/19 – Acatlàn (MEX). CFP “Connections and Human Aspects of Urban Space”
  • 31/08/19 – South Dakota (US). CFP “The Many Faces of War V: An annual interdisciplinary symposium on the experience and impact of war throughout history”
  • 31/08/19 – CFP « Professionnels en “déplacement“. Ce que passer les frontières professionnelles veut dire »


  • 01/09/19 – Toulouse (FR). CFP “Science et culture en temps de guerre”
  • 10/09/19 – CFP. Firenze (IT). “Un altro sguardo sul 1969: i territori sociali del conflitto in Italia”
  • 13/09/19 – CFP Issue of Museum International on the theme Museums and Gender
  • 15/09/19 – Louvain (B). CFP “Excluding Diversity: At the Intersections of Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Gender Mobilizations”
  • 15/09/19 – Paris (FR). CFP “Corps et guerre”
  • 15/09/19 – Montpellier (FR). CFP “La littéraTube : une nouvelle écriture ? Acte II”
  • 15/09/19 – Lausanne (CH). CFP “Digitised newspapers, a new Eldorado for historians ? Epistemology, methodology, tools and the changing practice of historiography in the context of mass digitisation of newspapers.”
  • 15/09/19 – Toulouse (FR). CFP “Re-Membering Hospitality in the Mediterranean” International Conference
  • September 2019 – CFP “Nation(s) and Translation”


  • 31/10/19. Call for articles “Food and gender. Representations, practices, hierarchies”


  • 01/12/19 – London (UK). CFP “Colonial legacies – Cities 2020 and their cultural legacies”


  • 30/07/19 – Naples (IT). 16 one-year Ph.D. and Postdoc fellowships in history, philosophy, literature
  • 06/08/19 – Princeton (US). 5 Post-doc 3-years fellowships in social sciences and humanities
  • 07/08/19 – Premio tesi Valeria Solesin “Il talento femminile come fattore determinante per lo sviluppo dell’economia, dell’etica e della meritocrazia nel nostro paese”.
  • 11/08/19 – Istanbul (TR). 4 early career grants / scholarships
  • 21/07/19 – Premio Nencioni per tesi di dottorato in linguistica italiana discussa all’estero
  • 31/08/19 – Premio di laurea “Francesco Coco” su Terrorismo e Eversione nello Stato unitario italiano
  • 31/08/19 – “2020 European Young Researchers’ Award” (all research areas)
  • 02/09/19 –Leuven (BE). 4 Doctoral Fellowships on Migration and Justice (Field: Political Philosophy)
  • 02/09/19 – Naples (IT). 6 4-years PhD scholarships in Global history.
  • 30/09/19 – Premio divulgazione scientifica “Giancarlo Dosi”
  • 01/10/19 – Organisation of American Historians: Awards and Prizes
  • 01/11/19 – “The Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize 2020 at the Gettysburg College”
  • 02/12/19 – Organisation of American Historians: Awards and Prizes (II)



  • Paperity, un aggregatore multidisciplinare (anche) in forma di app
  • Archival collection: OLL – Online library of liberty
  • Open access: “SHARE Press” digital edition project
  • Open access: Accademia University Press
  • Open access: la collezione di libri di Firenze University Press
  • Open access: la collezione di OAPEN
  • Open access: la collezione di e-book gratis di New Digital Frontiers
  • Un software per gestire le fotografie d’archivio. Breve recensione di Tropy.
  • Un logiciel pour gérer les photographies d’archives: notre recension de Tropy.

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