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Dates refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals, not to the event date (indicated in the specific call page)


  • 30/05/19. CFC “Esistenza e giudizio – Edith Stein, Simone Weil, Hannah Arendt”
  • 31/05/19 – Prague (CZ). CFP “Nihil obstat. Reading and Circulation of Texts After Censorship”
  • 31/05/19 – Adelaide (AUS). CFP ” Shifting Identities, Political Change, and the Idea of the ‘Nation'”


  • 01/06/19 – CFC “Memory, Migration, and Modern Fiction”
  • 01/06/19 – Paris (FR). CFP “What history of social economy? Dynamics, methodologies and prospects for the social and solidarity economy’s history”.
  • 01/06/19 – CFC “The Philosophy of Customary Law” (Noesis).
  • 03/06/19 – CFC “The Great War and Twenty-First-Century Memory”
  • 12/06/19 – Vienna (AT). CFP “The Concept of Culture and its Politicization in Turkey and the Diaspora”
  • 15/06/19 – Dubrovnik (HR). CFP “Struggle for Sovereignty? Small States and the Diplomacy of the Early Modern Period”
  • 15/06/19 – Venice (IT). Summer School “Mapping the Urban: Cities in Arabic Literature, Culture, and Society”
  • 15/06/19 – Florence (IT). CFP “Fifth Anniversary of the Political History PhD Network”
  • 15/06/19 – Paris (FR). CFP “Silver Atlantic. Photographic circulations in the 19th and 20th centuries”
  • 15/06/19 – Amsterdam (N). Workshop CFP “Is Gender Dangerous?”
  • 20/06/19 – Rome (IT). CFP Ph.D. Workshop “The sea: history and social sciences of liquid worlds”
  • 30/06/19 – Turin (IT). CFP “International Conference on Forms, History, Narrations, Big Data: Morphology and Historical Sequence”
  • 30/06/19 – London (UK). CFP “Promised land of populism? ‘Populist’ culture and politics in Italy, 1800-2019”
  • 30/06/19 – Luxemburg. CFP “Europe in the 20th century – an asymmetric Europe”.’


  • 05/07/19 – Melbourne (AUS). CFP “After Liberalism? Populism and the Future of Democracy”


  • 01/09/19 – Toulouse (FR). CFP “Science et culture en temps de guerre”


  • 31/10/19. Call for articles “Food and gender. Representations, practices, hierarchies”


  • 31/05/19 – Munchen (GER). 5 postdoctoral fellowship in global history, all disciplines
  • 01/06/19 – 15 Early Stage Researcher Vacancies “Mediating Islam in the Digital Age”
  • 03/06/19 – Nice (FR). Nouveau Master Migration Studies (MMS), Université Côte d’Azur
  • 30/06/19 – Premio tesi storia contemporanea e diritto
  • 30/06/19 – Premio Tesi Laurea in Ricerche Sociali e Culturali “Caterina De Cia Bellati Canal”
  • 30/06/19 – Cologne (DE). CFA “PhD position in Arabic Philosophy”
  • 30/07/19 – Naples (IT). 16 one-year Ph.D. and Postdoc fellowships in history, philosophy, literature
  • 06/08/19 – Princeton (US). 5 Post-doc 3-years fellowships in social sciences and humanities



  • Paperity, un aggregatore multidisciplinare (anche) in forma di app
  • Archival collection: OLL – Online library of liberty
  • Open access: “SHARE Press” digital edition project
  • Open access: la collezione di libri di Firenze University Press
  • Open access: la collezione di OAPEN
  • Open access: la collezione di e-book gratis di New Digital Frontiers
  • Un software per gestire le fotografie d’archivio. Breve recensione di Tropy.
  • Un logiciel pour gérer les photographies d’archives: notre recension de Tropy.

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