Here we go with all the incoming deadlines we spotted these last weeks: calls for papers, fellowships, summer schools, grants, calls for contributions; and also book reviews, sometimes podcasts, recruiting blogs.
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Dates refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals, not to the event date (indicated in the specific call page)


  • 14/02/19 – Stirling (UK). Post-doctoral Research Associate in Political Philosophy “Norms for the New Public Sphere”
  • 15/02/19 – Lexington (US). CFP “Dissent of the governed, XVIII-XXI”
  • [deadline extended] 15/02/19 – Turin (IT). CFP “Pensare la città. Condizione abitativa e politiche pubbliche nel “triangolo industriale” (1950-1980)”
  • 15/02/19 – Paris (FR). CFP Journée d’études des doctorants AFHMT “La crise du travail, le travail en crise(s)”
  • 15/02/19 – Paris (FR). CFP “L’étranger comme modèle”
  • 20/02/19 – Paris (FR). CFP “Small and large encounters in XIX century”
  • 20/02/19 – Berkeley (US). CFP “Histories of Migration: Transatlantic and Global Perspectives”
  • 28/02/19 – Cagliari (IT) Summer school “Education and Post-Democracy”
  • 28/02/19 – Mainz (GER). Workshop “Networks Across Time and Space”
  • 28/02/19 – Orvieto (IT). CFP “Wartime encounters in the contact zone”
  • 28/02/19 – Trento (IT). Summer school “media and history”.



  • [deadline extended] 01/03/19 – Lancaster (UK). Transatlantic studies association XVIII annual conference
  • 01/03/19 – Trento (IT). CFP “Migration and the European City. Social and Cultural Perspectives from Early Modernity to the Present”
  • 01/03/19 – Bielefeld (GER). CFP: The Making of Mankind: Tracing Race & Racism
  • 15/03/19 – Rome (IT). CFP “Transposing Landscapes and Identities in the Italian Diaspora”
  • [Deadline extended] – 15/03/19 – Lexington (US). CFP “Dissent of the governed, XVIII-XXI”
  • 17/03/19 – Turin (IT). CFP “Crossing the Boundaries. Reassessing Historical Epistemology between Science and Philosophy”
  • 31/03/19 – Nice (FR). CFP “La personne en question dans les réseaux”



  • 01/04/19 – Premio tesi “Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia”
  • 15/04/19 – Sorrento (IT). CFP “Women of/in the Mediterranean: Women and Memory”.
  • 30/04/19 – Premio di Laurea “Scudo D’Oro”



  • 06/05/19 – Sceaux (FR). CFP journée de divulgation “Transitions : évolution, révolution, disruption ? Les transformations du monde, entre crises et opportunités”



  • 01/06/19 – CFC “Memory, Migration, and Modern Fiction”
  • 01/06/19 – CFC “The Philosophy of Customary Law” (Noesis).


  • 28/02/19 – Amsterdam (NL). Postdoc fellowship “Digital Media History – Mapping Transnational Conflict Heritage”
  • 21/03/19 – Africa. Research Fellowships Croix Rouge
  • 27/03/19 – London (UK). Newton International Fellowships Scheme 2019


  • Dove trovare call for papers, fellowship e opportunità in italianistica/Italian studies?
  • Vademecum: Papers, presentazioni e slide creative
  • Paperity, un aggregatore multidisciplinare (anche) in forma di app
  • Open access: “SHARE Press” digital edition project
  • Open access: la collezione di libri di Firenze University Press
  • Un software per gestire le fotografie d’archivio. Breve recensione di Tropy.
  • Un logiciel pour gérer les photographies d’archives: notre recension de Tropy.

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