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The Migration Conferences were launched at the Center for Transnational Studies in 2012 when the first large scale well attended international peer-reviewed conference with a focus on Turkish migration in Europe in Regent’s Park campus of Regent’s University London. Previous conferences have been attended by between 200 to 600 participants coming from all around the world in London (2012), London (2014), Prague (2015), Vienna (2016), Athens (2017), and Lisbon (2018).
The Migration Conference is an international peer-reviewed scientific event.


Bari, April 18-20, 2019.


List of Topics:

Migration Mobility Integration Identity Development
Refugees Migration Policy and Law Remittances Labour migration Diasporas
Gender and sexuality Unemployment Discrimination Migrant workers Insecurity
Cultures of migration Arts and Literature Conflict Expats Irregular migration
Religion Domestic workers Brexit and migration Post-truth US-Mexico
Russia and Central Asia Germany and Central Europe South Asia African migrations Turkish migration
Southern Europe Mediterranean Boats and migrants Anti-immigration Xenophobia
Australasia China and Chinese migrations High skilled movers Internal migration Migration Theory
Demography Population change Data and methods Populism(s) and migration “High value” migrants


All info, here. Check the page to see the conditions for each form of submission (abstract, paper, poster, special session). Deadline is January 31, 2019.

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