Living Transcultural Spaces, the inaugural chapter of the international conference Diaspore Italiane – Italy in Movement.


Melbourne, Australia, 5-7 April 2018


Transcultural contexts show cultural identities in motion as they react, adapt and develop in reciprocal contact. The transcultural subjects who, within varying degrees of structural con­straint, navigate, evaluate and negotiate different cultural options, emerge as the poten­tially rational agents of these changes. In parallel, cultural identities emerge as historical constructs, this-worldly products of the human imagination.

  • How do these ideas of identities in motion compare with traditional ways of understand­ing cultural identities as fixed essences, typically anchored to metaphysical notions such as blood, the land, or the divinity?
  • Can the ‘third space’ of transcultural negotiation inhabited by migration, diaspora and colonial studies be construed as a privileged space of reason, in the Enlightenment sense of the word?
  • Are migration, diaspora and colonial studies paradigmatic of new emancipatory dis­courses and practices for the 21st century?

Anticipated streams include but are not limited to:

  • Migration, Mobility, Transnationalism and Diaspora Studies;
  • Identity and the Second and Third Generations;
  • Literary studies;
  • Arts (film, visual arts, music, performing, design etc);
  • Media;
  • Pedagogy: Teaching of Italian Language and Culture;
  • Linguistics;
  • Politics;
  • Religion;
  • Business, Entrepreneurship and Professions;
  • Colonialism and Settler-Colonial Relations of Power;
  • Race, Gender, Sexualities and Disabilities;
  • New Materialisms;
  • Multicultural and Migration Museums;
  • Italian Migrants and Migration Heritage.
  • Abstract (250 words).
  • Short biography (100 words).
  • Due: 30 September 2017.
  • Submit to: melbourne@diasporeitaliane.com
  • Acceptances will be notified on 1 November 2017.



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