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Conference organized by the Ruhr-University Ottoman Studies group.


Bochum, November 22-24, 2018.


From the perspective of the history of Ottoman Europe, which is not merged into the normative history of Western Europe, the following questions arise:

  • When and under what circumstances did the change from eschatological expectation to the secular and modern vision of future occur there? What were the driving forces of that change?
  • Were all pre-modern visions of the future just as unconnected to the emergence of the modern concept of the “progressive” future since about 1770?
  • Were there Ottoman-European specifics to the visions of the future that might have resulted from the competitive co-existence of Islam, Orthodoxy and Catholicism?
  • What was the relation between the “indigenous” visions of the future and those that the conquerors and hegemonial powers from different parts of the world brought with them?
  • Were there waves in which the political-social visions of the future unfolded as was the case in Western Europe according to Hölscher?


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