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The Department of Culture, Politics and Society, University of Turin, is pleased to announce the fifth edition of the Summer School “Understanding the Middle East” dedicated this year to the issue of the role of natural resources and human flows in the struggle for the hegemony.


Turin, June 25-29, 2018.


The fifth edition of the summer school “Understanding the Middle East” trying to reflect on two strictly connected dimensions: the role of natural resources and human flows in shaping the politics of the Middle East. In this light, the struggle for regional hegemony deals with realpolitik imperatives – and interests – and not with the sectarian composition of the MENA states. Accordingly, the management of natural resources (hydrocarbons, gas, water, nuclear power) and human flows (war refugees, environmental refugees, displaced people, etc.) play a central role. Competition over resources, indeed, is something affecting borders, identities, nationhood and, of course, ecology.

In short, the objective of the summer school is to offer useful tools of analysis to better understand the complexity of the current transformations and, at the same time, to re-open discussions free from oversimplifications.


Applicants must complete and send the 2018 application form and their updated CV to the TOMidEast office ( Click on the following links to download: Application form 2018 doc or Application form 2018 pdf.

Students applying for a Freetorino scholarships are also required to give proof of their residence by filling in, signing and returning this document.

No application will be accepted after Friday 25th May 2018, 5pm Rome time.

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