WhatII. International Symposium On Yemen Under The Ottoman Rule (1833-1924) aimed to be a platform to discuss the academic research and works on the second Ottoman Governance in Yemen. The conference is organized by Istanbul University

When/Where: Istanbul, November 16-17, 2017


  • Geographical and Strategical Situation of Yemen in the 19th Century; The Reconstruction of Ottoman Governance of Yemen in the 19th Century;
  • The Interest of European Colonialist Powers to Yemen; Political and Military Progresses; Nevahi-i Tisa and Daan Agreements;
  • Uprisings and Social Mobility; Social Structure; Religious and Thought Life; Administrative and Institutional Structure; Educational Life and Institutions;
  •  Scientific Environment; Intellectually and Scientifically Yemen; Social Life; Coffee and Khat; Cultural Life; Language, Art, Literature, Music; Cultural Interaction;
  • Civil and Military Architecture; Law and Courts; Demographics and Environment; Economical Structure; Trade and Commodity; Harbors and Customs; Maritime and Piracy;
  •  Public Works Activities; Transportation/Logistics Capabilities; Related and similar topics besides the above-mentioned will also be evaluated.

How to apply: send your abstract to with the  the aim of the presentation, its methodology, its sources, and its academic contribution to the field. The papers only complying with the symposium topics will be accepted. The abstracts and papers only in Turkish, Arabic and English will be accepted. For application, please click participant-form.docx.
Please send the filled form to the following e-mail yemensempozyumu@istanbul.edu.tr

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