Here we go with all the incoming deadlines we spotted these last weeks: calls for papers, fellowships, summer schools, grants, calls for contributions; and also book reviews, sometimes podcasts, recruiting blogs.
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Dates refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals, not to the event date (indicated in the specific call page)


  • 14/03/18 – CFC “South – North: Identity, Development, Borders”
  • 15/03/18 – Paris (FR). CFP “Militaires en résistances”
  • 20/03/18 – CFC “lo sguardo”, “Politics (with)out Passions. Reasons and Affections in the Public Space”
  • 30/03/18 – Bochum (DE). CFP “Visions of the future in Ottoman Empire”
  • 31/03/18 – Florence (IT). CFP Graduate Conference on the History of European Integration
  • 31/03/18 – Rome (IT). CFP phd workshop “What Place for Minorities: Spaces, Norms, and Representations (Europe and Mediterranean, 14th-19th centuries)”


  • 01/04/18 – New York (US). CFP “Transnationalism and Questions of Identity”
  • 06/04/18 – Sevilla (ES). Summer school Histoire et Sciences sociales – Les débats de l’histoire économique
  • 15/04/18 – Paris (FR). CFP « The Administration of exile? Europe, XIVth-XIXth century»
  • 15/04/18 – Padua (IT). CFP “Making Peace. Transitions after War from the Antiquity up to the Present”
  • 30/04/18 – Paris (FR). CFP “Carrefours interculturels : Connexions entre langue, culture et éducation”
  • 30/04/18 – Palermo (IT). CFP “Alfabetizzazione e italiano L2”


  • 01/05/17 – Springfield (USA). CFP Annual conference on Illinois History
  • 18/05/18 – Canberra (AU). CFP “Three Languages – Three Cultures: Narratives from the Middle East”


  • 30/06/18. CFC “Revolution and Its Enemies. Between Politics and Philosophy”


  • 01/07/18 – Athens (GR), CFP “The Levantines: Identities and Heritage”


  • 16/03/18 – London (UK). CFP 9th Annual London Graduate Conference in the History of Political Thought
  • 20/03/18 – Aberdeen (UK). 6 Ph.D. inter-disciplinary scholarships in history of political ideas
  • 23/03/18 – 10 Ph.D. grant in military history.
  • 31/03/18 – CFC “Terrible beauties: Europe, conflict and the imagination in literature and the arts”.
  • 15/04/18 – Washington (US). 6 post-doc fellowships, School of Advanced International Studies


  • 31/03/18. Premio di Laurea Lorella Cedroni
  • 03/04/18 – Thesis prize “Archivio disarmo – Tullio Vinay”
  • 30/04/18 – Thesis prize “Costantino Nigra”
  • 30/04/18 – Thesis Prize “Don Guetti”
  • 27/05/18 – Thesis Prize “Parlamento Europeo”
  • 30/06/18 – Premio tesi “Una laurea per fermare la tortura e per i diritti dei migranti”


  • Every year – Paris (FR). Master’s Degree in Public History.
  • Vanves (FR). 3 internships at the Institut des AmériquesSUMMER SCHOOL
  • CFC – contributions wanted for the Dictionnaire biographique des mouvements immigrés
  • authors wanted – “Implications Philosophiques“, rivista francese di filosofia contemporanea recluta autori, redattori, rilettori.

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