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Cosa: Il Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) offre delle borse di ricerca per dottorandi (tedeschi e non) per un soggiorno di ricerca a Mainz

Quando e dove: Mainz (GER), a partire da marzo 2018. Il soggiorno prevede tra 6 e 12 mesi di residenza a Mainz e la possibilità di proseguire il dottorato nell’università di afferenza. Il docente di riferimento rimane quello del progetto di tesi, ma l’IEG attribuisce un mentor del suo istituto.

Tema: storia dell’Europa dalle origini fino al 1990; storia delle migrazioni, delle comunicazioni; intellectual history; storia della chiesa e religiosa; tutte le ricerche con una prospettiva sociale, politica o religiosa legata all’Europa.
Come proporsi e scadenza: 15 agosto 2017. I beneficiari della borsa devono possedere buone competenze in inglese e tedesco, le due lingue dell’istituto. Inviare la candidatura via mail a (Oggetto: Stipendienbewerbung). Compilare il form e verificare tutti i dettagli della fellowship.

  What: The Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) awards RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL PH.D. STUDENTS for a research stay.
When/Where: Mainz (DE), beginning in March 2018. Funding is currently € 1,200/month. Research fellows live and work for between 6 and 12 months at the Institute in Mainz and can pursue their individual Ph.D. project. Fellows are advised by a mentor from among the IEG’s academic staff.
Topics: The IEG promotes research on the historical foundations of Europe from the early modern period to 1989/90, particularly regarding their religious, political and social dimensions. Projects dealing with European communication and transfer processes as well as projects focusing on questions related to theology, church history and intellectual history are particularly welcome.
Fellowships are open to doctoral researchers from Germany and abroad who have at least a Masters level degree in history, theology or another discipline which works historically. They must have been pursuing their doctorate for no more than three years at the time of taking up the scholarship, though exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances. It is not permitted to apply for a scholarship for the same dissertation topic in subsequent years. As a research institution that is not part of a university, the Institute does not hold any examinations and does not award any academic qualifications. Dissertations are completed under the supervision of the scholarship holder’s supervisor at her/his home university.
How to apply and deadline: 15th august 2017. Fellows are required to register officially as residents in Mainz and to reside and take part in events at the Institute. The linguae academicae at the IEG are German and English; fellows must have a passive command of both and an active command of at least one of the two languages so as to participate in the discussions at the Institute.

Please send your application via e-mail to: (Subject: Stipendienbewerbung). Fill the form and check the details.

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