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International conference organized by the School of History (Queen Mary University of London)


London, January 18, 2019.


This conference aims to examine how World War II shaped existence in African communities as well as emphasising the redefined relationship between most of African countries and the “Global North”.

The sub-themes to be examined include but are not limited to the following:

  • World War II and Conflict in African Cities
  • World War II and Decolonisation in Africa
  • Second World War and Urbanization in Africa
  • Women, livelihood and Sustenance in the war years
  • Changing Dynamics of African Cultures during, and after the War
  • Post-Second World War Politics in Africa
  • Post-Second World War Africa Economic Relations
  • Environment, Health care and Diseases in Post-World War II Africa


Please email title and abstract of 250 words to murimonsour@gmail.comand . Deadline for abstracts is 15 November, 2018.


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