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The Workshop, which will take place in central Naples, is organised by Ruth Hanau Santini, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations at the Università L’Orientale in Naples and Francesco N. Moro, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Università di Bologna.

The event will start on Thursday, Dec. 13th with a welcome dinner. Papers will be presented on Friday, Dec. 14th and in the morning of Saturday, Dec. 15th. A roundtable with Prof. Jack Donnelly (Denver), Prof. Daniel Nexon (Georgetown) and Prof. Ayse Zarakol (Cambridge) will take place on the afternoon of Friday.


Naples, December 13-15th, 2018.


The Workshop welcomes papers that analyze:

  • Empirical analyses which recognize the nature of regional orders, how they come about, their main constitutive elements, and their sources of legitimacy.

  • Different regional orders’ hierarchical systems. Studies can focus on hierarchies based on different kinds of material power (the nature of asymmetric economic and trade relations, ranking in military matters, including defense spending, degree of military technological development and defense alliance system) and ideational resources (degree of legitimacy of the political order, shared values, worldview).
  • The intersection between New Hierarchy Studies and different IR theoretical approaches, in particular- liberal/rationalist ones , social network-based and postcolonial ones.


To submit a paper proposal, please send your name, affiliation, contact information together with a short bio and abstract (up to 500 words including paper title) to Irene Costantini at: by July 15th, 2018.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by July 30th. Full papers are expected by November 15th 2018.


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