What: two conferences organized by the NEW-MED research network with IAI – Istituto Affari Internazionali and Johns Hopkins University SAIS. (the first) and IAI, ISA – Itituto di Studi avanzati (the second).


  1. Bologna, april 11 (Auditorium, via Belmeloro 11): “Regional (Dis)order in the Middle East: Historical Legacies and Current Shifts”. The conference requires subscription here (no fee required). Here you can find full agenda. 3 main panels with many international speakers:
    • terms and concept in historical perspective
    • regional orders, borders, and the frailty of authority
    • the role of international and regional actors
  2. Bologna, april 12 (Aula Giorgio Prodi): “Ignorance and the Middle East: deconstructing the present through its past. A debate with 10 international speakers – here is the detailed agenda. No subscription required, no fee.

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