What: The 5th Annual MUBIT Doctoral Workshop in Late and Post-Ottoman Studies in Basel, From Unionism to Kemalism: Social and Political Transformation of Turkey, is a two-day intensive seminar organized by Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski, Dr. Selen Etingü and Murat Kaya, M.A. at the Middle Eastern Studies of Department of Social Sciences at the University of Basel.
When/where: Basel, 27-28 October 2017.
Topics: This workshop intends to shed light on specific historiographical questions emerging from the interactions of political developments, demographic realities and social mobilization in Turkey from the Unionist through the Kemalist era (1908-1945). The workshop will include four sessions:

  • Social Dynamics during the Unionist era
  • Revolution and Counter-Revolution (1908-1922)
  • How the Social Affects the Political? Population and Political Mobilization in Kemalist Turkey
  • The Rise and the Waning of Kemalist Jacobinism, 1923-1939

How to apply: PhD students who wish to attend the workshop are asked to write an email to Dr. Selen Etingü (g.etingue@unibas.ch), with a biographical abstract explaining their research interests and projects as well as their academic background (max. 400 words, in 3rd person singular, in English). The deadline for the application is August 1, 2017.

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