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The NYUAD Institute has embarked on a multi-year research fellowship program in the Humanities. This program aims to help create an energetic, multi-faceted research environment for the Humanities at NYUAD’s campus. To this end, NYUAD is annually inviting applications from distinguished senior scholars as well as from promising junior scholars for residential fellowships at NYUAD’s Institute.

The Institute hosts up to two senior fellows and up to four junior fellows.

For the period of their fellowships, scholars are offered work/office space at the Institute, full use of NYUAD’s library facilities (which are substantial, closely connected as they are to NYU’s Main Library in New York), administrative support, housing at NYUAD’s campus on Saadiyat Island, a fellowship stipend commensurate with experience, a personal research allowance, an opportunity to host a small workshop funded by the Research Institute, support for travel to and from Abu Dhabi.


Scholars of Arabic culture and history will find it enriching to work alongside fellows who conduct research in related and adjacent fields.

Scholarship furthered by this program is closely connected to the research profile of NYUAD’s faculty in the Arts and Humanities; its Liberal Arts curriculum, with concentrations on History, Literature, Philosophy, the Arab Crossroads program, and Museum Studies; related departments and research centers at NYU New York; and NYUAD’s outreach program in the UAE.


Applications are due November 1, 2018. Please make sure to have all of your information and documents ready before submitting this form, as your application will not be considered complete without all required documentation. We look forward to receiving your application.

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