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The journal Revue d’histoire culturelle (XVIIIe-XXIe siècles) is pleased to announce a call for papers toward an issue on the cultural history of Jewish-Arab relations in Palestine / Israel between the late 19th and early 21st centuries.

Revue d’histoire culturelle (XVIIIe-XXIe siècles) is the journal of the Association pour le Développement de l’Histoire Culturelle.


For a long period, the dominant approach to the history of Jewish-Arab relations in Palestine / Israel employed the lenses of political, diplomatic and military history. This approach underscored the power relations between the two national movements – the Zionist and the Palestinian – and studied them ”from above” by investigating their political leaders, diplomats and military men, and by emphasizing their violent confrontations. The historians who adopted this perspective assumed that each of these national societies was monolithic, and that the boundaries between them were clear-cut.

Recent years, however, have seen a growing tendency to study Jewish-Arab relations from a cultural perspective that examines them “from below” and observes manifestations of popular culture and practices of everyday life. This new wave of research also emphasizes both the cleavages within each national society, and the cooperation between members of the two nations in areas such as gender, class and language. This special issue of the Revue d’histoire culturelle is intended as a contribution to this trend. However, contributors should bear in mind that the culture domain is permeated with power relations, which are not necessarily a mere reflection of the political field.

We therefore invite papers that study Jewish-Arab relations through concrete situations, particular objects and various categories such as leisure activities, education, heritage(including archeology and monuments), language, literature (including publishing and translation), theatre, advertisement, gastronomy, sport, and that take into account the complex interplay of domination, appropriation, cooperation and hybridization.


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