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Call for papers (workshop and edited volume): “Emotions of Inclusion and Exclusion in Transnational Spaces


The program committee is accepting abstracts for individual paper presentations and panel sessions that center Migrants and refugees typically experience inclusions and exclusions as they arrive in new countries and try to feel at home while integrating in new contexts. Within processes of migration, emotions of inclusions and exclusions (fear, rage, frustration, guilt, hope, promise, nostalgia, etc.) are negotiated by migrants and their significant others in the constellations of ways that they reflect on them, express them and narrate them. Emotions of this nature are also integrated in experiences of surveillance and screening involved in journeys, border crossings, departures, settlements, and movements between cultures. This interdisciplinary book project aims to examine representations of how migrants feel, manage, articulate and narrate emotions of inclusion and exclusion in the course of diverse migration experiences.

We are looking to expand the original book project with papers focusing on geographic areas in Africa, Australia, Asia, North and South America, and Central and Eastern Europe. With contributions from researchers and graduate students in diverse fields (migration studies, history of emotions, legal history, anthropology, literature, psychology, political science, etc.), this volume looks closely at the narrativization of emotions gleaned from archival materials, legal regulations, oral histories, and an assortment of other ego-documents. The aim of the volume is to draw attention to the interrelationships between migration and emotions, exclusion and inclusion, representations and narratives, in both local and global discourses.

In this volume, we explore among others the following questions:

  • How do individual and collective emotions associated with migration change discursively over time?
  • What emotional registers do migrants and refugees employ when narrating their own inclusions/exclusions?
  • What kinds of representations do migrants and refugees use in order to articulate their own exclusion?
  • How are emotions performed within transnational contexts of integration and settlement processes across spaces and temporalities?
  • How do different actors deal with on the one hand and express and represent their emotions of exclusion on the other hand—from policy developers and administrators to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers?


Deadline: 1 February 2021.

Please send your abstract of 300-500 words to As part of the volume, we will be hosting an onlineworkshop on 21 May 2021 in which invited contributors will have the opportunity to present a draft of their paper.


Sonia Cancian, PhD (McGill University, Montréal – Canada); Peter Leese PhD (University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen – Denmark); Soňa Mikulová, Ph.D. (Max Planck Institute for Human Development – Berlin, Germany).

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