Giovani nel Mondo Association was founded in 2009 with a view to promote cultural exchange between young students interested in the international framework, and to help them build educational and professional courses through skills and knowledge development.
The first launched project, the ROME MODEL UNITED NATIONS 2010, in addition to being the first simulation of United Nations’ decision-making processes, involved hundreds of students from Italy and from abroad. Its second edition became increasingly popular amongst the youngsters from all over the world, who not only participated to it, but also became ambassadors of the Association’s mission in their countries, thus enhancing its projects and initiatives.
Besides the implementing of the ROMEMUN, Giovani nel Mondo carried out training and informative courses in conjunction with universities, research centers and associations aimed at promoting knowledge of opportunities for study and work in the international framework, both in Italy and abroad.
Driven by a general increasing information demand coming from young people, in 2012 was founded the website, invested in proposing working and educational opportunities in frameworks related to international relations, within the institutional area, profit and non-profit. Additionally the website proposes scholarships and learning opportunities. Since 2016 there is also the English version of the website.
In the last few years, our website has become a benchmark for everyone, young and not so young people, who aim for working in frameworks with international perspectives. You can browse the different sections, searching for the opportunities that better fit your profile and your interest. Four the focus areas: International Organizations, Europe, Education and Other Opportunities.
The ROMEMUN’s ever-growing success is due not only to our staff’s determination and to our partners and promoters’ commitment, but also to the innovations brought to traditional simulations, such as elements linked to communication and journalism.
This gave GdM the opportunity to launch in 2015 the first International Careers Festival which alongside the ROMEMUN, has seen the implementation of the International Careers Fair, an event to which participated a hundred of training agencies, institutional and non-institutional, to introduce themselves to young people and to bring forward tangible job opportunities.
In 2016 the International Careers Festival inserted three new projects, the Rome Press Game, the Rome Business Game and the International Careers Course.
The next Festival will take place in Rome in UNINT – University of International Studies of Rome – from 24 to 27 March 2018.
This event is addressed to young people who would like to pursue an international career as diplomats, communication experts and journalists, or manager in different corporate sectors within international companies.
There are four planned projects:
ROME MODEL UNITED NATIONS – United Nations’ simulation, intended for students of  international relations, political science and jurisprudence. Many destinations up for grabs for the best ROMEMUN participants, thanks to its countless partnerships with other simulation lectures all around the world.
ROME BUSINESS GAME – Simulation of corporations’ case studies, intended for students of economics, engineering, marketing and computer science. The best attendee team will win stage and job opportunities in enterprises of international standing.
ROME PRESS GAME – Simulation of journalistic activities – web, radio and television – indicated for students of communications, interpreting and translating, literature and philosophy. A unique opportunity to live 4 days in contact with real professional journalists and technical experts, and to be “behind the scenes” of a publishing product.
INTERNATIONAL CAREERS COURSE – A practical orientation course to international careers, intended for students of every field. It enables all participants to build a valuable network of contacts with international institutions and NGOs, thus giving them the opportunity to access practical chances to work.
The Festival also includes an exhibition section, which is the International Careers Fair, an enormous area open to both the participants to the 4 projects and the public. The Fair will be divided in an educational area and a working area, thus enhancing thousands of young people to meet face-to-face with sector’s experts, either they will be searching for the right education or for internships within corporations, NGOs and international institutions. Throughout the Fair people will not only be able to drop off resumes and get in touch with human resources’ experts, but they will also be able to undergo many interviews and interview simulations with countless institutions for many job titles, and the people concerned will have the opportunity to get their resume checked or to access simulations.
Don’t miss the unique chance of meeting and networking between young people and the labour market.
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