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Ongoing calls for book reviews in literary studies


Book reviews are great training for young scholars, as well as a smart way to kick off your publication list, show to potential supervisors your critical thinking and your ability to read and write in different languages. Most of the time you may suggest a journal editor to review a book of your choice or, if they don’t accept unsollicited book reviews, just send a manifestation of interest for a book to review. Some of the listed links come with a list of books the journal wants people to review.

Remember: you can keep the book!

Most reviews are carried out by masters and PhDs students, so don’t shy away! Check the lists of books, if there’s one, or contact the editors of these journals directly.

Consider giving priority to open access journals (OA), thus contributing to making your time and effort available to everyone.

History, sociology, education, political science, migration & diaspora

Classics, Literature, languages

Archeology, art, architecture and media studies

Cultural history, Philosophy, geography and digital humanities

Political history, political science, political philosophy

This list is constantly updated; leave a comment here to suggest other call for reviewers and we’ll put them in this list.

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