AIR – Atelier Idee & Ricerca is an association of young researchers, by young researchers and for young researchers in social sciences & humanities. Its aims are, first, to provide useful information and material to the community; second, to share the academic research and knowledge with the wider community.

Accordingly, you can browse our sections:

1. Atelier.

It is where you get your hands dirty: you will find our training workshops and articles about academic life or useful tools to get your work done.

2. Ideas.

The right place to find our dissemination and cultural projects, to push academic research outside academia.

3. Research.

the area specifically dedicated to those who… yes, research. Here we provide tools (Softwares, database, open access and archival collections), reviews, call for papers, study and job opportunities.
The study of circulation – of people, texts, and ideas – in modern and contemporary era is the common ground of our different researches, and thus also the perimeter of the fields we cover in AIR. Thus we cover a cross-disciplinary range of fields, such as:

  • political and social history (diplomatic history, labor history, international history, public history, storia politica e sociale, transnational and international approaches).
  • political /moral philosophy
  • migration / diaspora studies (wide specter, including mediterranean, transatlantic and post-colonial studies)
  • art, literature, cinema when related to social or political stakes
  • Political sciences, economics, law, when involved in a wider historical or social reflection.
  • discrimination studies (racism, nationalism, populism, gender studies, religion).

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