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We aim at supporting young researchers in the humanities and social sciences by gathering and spreading useful information and updates: you will find research grants and fellowships and calls for papers; but also tips & tricks about surviving the rough seas of academic research, as well as repositories of digital open access collections and archives. And sometimes some software reviews.


thomas hart benton, swing

  • Anna Lisa, I’m a Ph.D. student in Italian Studies at University of Birmingham. I focus on love between women in Renaissance italian literature, but more generally I work on comparative literatures, gender studies, modern and contemporary history. I’m always travelling somewhere and I collect teas.
  • Edoardo, Ph.D. candidate at Université Cote d’Azur at CRHI – Centre de Recherche en Histoire des Idées. His field of research is U.S. political history, and more specifically how the concept of nation developed through transnational interferences: in other words he focuses on circulation of political ideas between Europe and U.S. before the civil war. He now lives in Turin, teaching French and riding his bike wherever he goes.
  • Maria Giovanna Campobasso is a PhD Student in German Literature and Cultural Studies at the universities of Palermo and Düsseldorf. Her work focuses on 19th century theater and fin de siècle newspaper culture in the German speaking world. Wannabe digital humanist, she is great at baking and has been trying to learn Danish. Kan du hjælpe mig, tak?
  • Giorgia Riconda. With a background working as journalist for more than 6 years, recently postgraduated in Sociology at the University of Milan-Bicocca, Giorgia is interested on the investigation of identity/otherness with decolonial approach. An open-minded, independent and tireless traveler who loves cross-cultural encounter and hates stereotypes. Friends nicknamed her GiorGoogle.

  • 2016-2019. Francesco, Ph.D. in History of Europe. He co-founded AIR in 2016, and worked with us until 2019.

Want to join us?

Mort Kunstler

Do you want to help us publishing and spreading the various opportunities? You’re more than welcome. We always like to meet people, and the website needs editors and coordinators: for CFP and articles, for social media and newsletter, and for other standing-by projects. We have projects and targets both offline and online: if you want to help us to reach them, we won’t say no.

Our partners, past and present

Thomas Hart Benton, the discussion

AIR – Atelier Idee & Ricerca is an association of young researchers, by young researchers and for young researchers in social sciences & humanities. Its aims are, first, to provide useful information and material to the community; second, to share the academic research and knowledge with the wider community.

Accordingly, you can browse our sections:

1. Atelier.

It is where you get your hands dirty: you will find our training workshops and articles about academic life or useful tools to get your work done.

2. Ideas.

The right place to find our dissemination and cultural projects, to push academic research outside academia.

3. Research.

the area specifically dedicated to those who… yes, research. Here we provide tools (Softwares, database, open access and archival collections), reviews, call for papers, study and job opportunities.
The study of circulation – of people, texts, and ideas – in modern and contemporary era is the common ground of our different researches, and thus also the perimeter of the fields we cover in AIR. Thus we cover a cross-disciplinary range of fields, such as:

  • political and social history (diplomatic history, labor history, international history, public history, storia politica e sociale, transnational and international approaches).
  • political /moral philosophy
  • migration / diaspora studies (wide specter, including mediterranean, transatlantic and post-colonial studies)
  • art, literature, cinema when related to social or political stakes
  • Political sciences, economics, law, when involved in a wider historical or social reflection.
  • discrimination studies (racism, nationalism, populism, gender studies, religion).

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